let us share a few facts
on time & age.


We think all good things take time. Making whiskey requires patience and patience requires a relationship with time that grows with age. In a world focused on faster, quicker, more responsive interactions, we think time asks us to take notice and as a team, and a Distillery, we’re constantly looking for ways to deepen our relationship with time. We anchor on the notion that we can ‘make time’ by acting with intention to slow down, take notice, and take the extra step. We didn’t start Old Trestle to make whiskey quickly, we started it to make great whiskey, and great memories, and both of those take time. We hope to see you on this journey, if time allows...

the rock filtered
Truckee water we
distill with is over
1,000 years old.

Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL) radio isotope study confirmed that Truckee water goes through 50 to 1,000 years of granite filtration before it gets to us.

Drink responsibly.

We make spirits to enhance the great moments in life. No moment is enhanced by drinking more than you can handle. It takes time to make great spirits so take your time. We’re not going anywhere.

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It’s just that simple. Pick a friend and make sure your crew is taken care of for the long haul.

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