Theory Gin Sampler (5 pack)

Theory Gin Sampler (5 pack)


All of our 5 current Theory Gin experiments bundled together. 


    • Theory Gin 001 is a well-balanced, approachable gin that finishes clean and on the dryer side.
    • Theory Gin 002 is infused with Chinese spices and green tea and finishes with a big, structured mouthfeel.
    • Theory Gin 003 is a barrel rested gin finished with a touch of honey for a smooth, balanced, and silky mouthfeel.
    • Theory Gin 004 has been rested in French Oak casks formerly home to California Chardonnay and went through a secondary maceration with ginger and turmeric root. This gin finishes strong with a bit of a kick from the ginger.
    • Theory Gin 005 has been rested in French Oaks casks formerly home to California Zinfandel and went through a secondary maceration with hibiscus flowers. This gin finishes dry.

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