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We stand on the shoulders of others

Old Trestle began as a group of friends in Truckee, California who believed that the world's best whiskey had yet to be created. We take lessons from those that have come before us and look forward to create new traditions. Rooted in whiskey but today offering our Gins and Vodka, with more expressions to come as we grow.

As Truckee's first distillery in over 100 years, we are bringing the science and art of distilling back to the Sierra Nevada mountains.


Crafting spirits

We have spent the last few years dialing our Gin and Vodka recipes and winning some awards along the way. Whiskey is at the heart of what we do but while it takes the time it needs, we're having fun and innovating with a variety of Gins and the only Vodka made in Tahoe.

All of this is done using water from our local underground aquifer, were granite filters mountain born water for centuries before it comes to us.


Whiskey when it's ready


Whiskey takes the time it needs. We started Old Trestle from a deep belief that the world's best whiskey has yet to be created. Maybe we create it, maybe we don't...but we'll fill a ton of barrels and make some damn good spirits along the path.

We have a variety of whiskey products aging in barrels at 5,820 feet of elevation. This is mountain born whiskey, hardened by the elements. Our first bourbon, Sierra Bourbon, is a double-barrel expression and came to market in Summer 2020.

The rest are ready when they're ready.

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