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How We Create a New Whiskey

Bringing spirits to market is a long process, spanning years in many cases. In the coming series, we will do our best to share our steps with you.

Did you ever wonder what goes on to create a new product? The design process behind a car, couch or mobile app? When it comes to spirits, it can be as short as a few months, to over a decade for aged spirits.

This spring, we will release a limited supply of our first American Single Malt - Trestle. In the interest of opening up and sharing, we wanted to walk through the process with you. We'll dig into the steps from choosing the raw materials, to barreling, to tasting, to government approval, to bottle and more.

While there are thousands of steps to take in reality, these 17 steps are what we feel might be most interesting to our local community. Over the course of the next few weeks, we'll be sharing some information about each one of these steps and the choices we've made along the way. All of this is specific to whiskey, and in this case, Trestle American Single Malt.

As we write more posts, we'll update the list below with links to those posts, so stay tuned in.

Here are the steps we'll cover. In the case of Trestle American Single Malt, this process took place over almost 4 years.

  1. What are we making and why?

  2. What is an American Single Malt?

  3. Raw materials

  4. Mash cooking

  5. Distillation

  6. Barrel selection

  7. Barreling

  8. Aging

  9. Tasting

  10. Blending

  11. Package design

  12. Federal and State regulations/registrations

  13. Bottles, corks ordered

  14. Label printing

  15. Labeling

  16. Bottling

  17. Ready for sale!

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