Sierra Gin

Sierra Gin


Sierra Gin is our simple and clean version of a London Dry style gin. This gin benefits from the purity of juniper and our local water source as the main ingredients. A cocktail staple, the London Dry style is a standard in the classic gin cocktails that have been around for centuries. Try this as a replacement to your favorite gin & tonic mixer. 



    Gin is, by definition, “spirit(s) with the main characteristic flavor of juniper berries…”. What better way of defining our Sierra Nevada mountains, than utilizing 100% juniper berries? We utilize locally and sustainably harvested juniper berries to truly bring to life the flavor of our local Sierra Nevada region.


    An American ode to a London Dry style gin. Distilled, filtered, bottled, and labeled in Truckee, CA.


    Aroma: Fresh forrest dew, after a long spring rain. Clean juniper and sweet pine aroma, very straightforward.

    Flavor: Juniper and pine follow the aroma. Surprising subtle notes of orange blossom.

    Finish: Clean, and dry.