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Theory Gin 001

Theory Gin 001


Theory Gin 001 is an alpine expression of gin crafted with locally harvested botanicals. Wild California rose hips are paired with local Western Juniper to create a flavor unique to the Sierra Mountains. This is all tied together by our local water, filtered through centuries of granite. Theory Gin 001 is the first in a series of gin expressions.


Purchase limit of 3 bottles per person, per day. 


    Theory Gin 001 is dedicated to Truckee. With an abundance of biodiversity here in the Sierra Mountains, we were inspired to tell the Truckee story through gin. We used traditionally sourced ingredients, as well as harvested some local ingredients, and blended it all together with our clean Sierra water. Theory Gin 001 is an approachable and easy-going gin, with two varieties of juniper, sweet orange peel, and a light florality thanks in-part to the wild California rose hips that grow along the Truckee River.


    Theory Gin 001 is a contemporary style gin. A well balanced, approachable gin- good for the gin aficionados and even better to change  “non-gin drinkers” minds about how gin can taste. Ingredients- juniper, orange peel, coriander, angelica root, ginger root, locally foraged rose hips.


    Aroma: Light notes of juniper, rich citrus, and a light florality. 

    Flavor: A well balanced, approachable gin. Notes of juniper, citrus, a bit of spiciness from the ginger root, mellowed out by the rose hip sweetness.

    Finish: Medium mouthfeel, finishes clean and on the dryer side.

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