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Theory Gin 002

Theory Gin 002


Theory Gin 002 is a gin experiment influenced by whispers of the East. It borrows five-spice powder and black tea from the Yunnan province, emboldening traditional botanicals in the bottle. With a second infusion, green tea marks its unique color and palette. Theory Gin 002 is the second in a series of gin experiments.


Purchase limit of 3 bottles per person, per day. 


    Theory Gin 002 was inspired by Chinese culinary traditions. We have always deeply admired Chinese cuisine in the way they balance bold and subtle flavors together, bringing what seem like opposing or conflicting flavors, into perfect harmony. While the inclusion of tea seemed to be an easy inclusion into gin, there were different aspects of the tea we wanted to highlight. We utilized Chinese 5 Spice as we started to notice that several of those ingredients can be found in fine gins from around the world. To us, Theory Gin 002 is the perfect combination of East meets West.


    Theory Gin 002 is a hybrid of traditional gin ingredients and Chinese culinary heritage. A new bold style of gin, utilizing botanicals in an innovative fashion. Theory Gin 002 is well suited for cocktails, but can also be enjoyed neat.


    Aroma: Heavy tea, and floral notes dominate the nose. Juniper is still notable, with subtle hints of the 5 spice underneath. Very complex.

    Flavor: The perfect marriage of the tea, and the gin. Notes of tea, juniper, cinnamon, fennel. A bit of the spiciness at the end from the ginger and galangal comes through.

    Finish: The finish is both creamy as well as tannic-ly balanced. Big, structured mouthfeel.

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