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Theory Gin 003

Theory Gin 003


Theory Gin 003 is a barrel rested gin experiment in the Old Tom style. This unique take on a classic gin maintains its English roots but infuses the botanicals with the sweet time spent in ex-bourbon casks and a subtle hint of Sierra Nevada honey. Theory Gin 003 is the third in a series of gin experiments.


Purchase limit of 3 bottles per person, per day. 


    Theory Gin 003 is an experiment in the Old Tom style of gin. Popularized in the 18th and 19th centuries, Old Tom Gin was essentially a bootlegged, or “bathtub”, style gin that coincided with the Gin Craze of 18th century England. While there are many theories as to what defines this style, and how the term “Old Tom” came to be, one thing is for sure- our Theory Gin 003 is a unique take on this almost forgotten style, while highlighting innovative and modern blending techniques and ingredients.


    Theory Gin 003 is a barrel “rested” gin, finished in ex-bourbon casks. Blended with a sweet, floral, non-barreled gin. As a final step, it is back-sweetened with Sierra Nevada honey.


    Aroma: A sweetness and floral aroma from the honey hits the senses first followed by a hint of the spice from the bourbon barrel and gin.

    Flavor: Our version of a Tomcat style is less bourbon, more honey. This gin is smooth and lends itself to cocktails with some spice or acid, but it also stands alone with a cube of ice.

    Finish: The finish is smooth and balanced with some of the mouthfeel coming from the honey and providing a silky end to the taste.

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