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Theory Gin 004

Theory Gin 004


Theory Gin 004 is a contemporary style barrel “rested” gin, mellowed in French Oak casks that were previously home to California Chardonnay. Upon awakening from its rest, the gin then undergoes a secondary maceration with ginger root and turmeric root for a unique zesty flavor, unique aroma, and a neon goldenrod coloring. Theory Gin 004 is the fourth in a series of gin experiments.


Purchase limit of 3 bottles per person, per day. 


    As we played with barrel rested gins, it seemed right to go a little off the beaten path from time to time. Theory Gin is our place to experiment and we were curious about turmeric for it's health benefits and unique flavor and color. This rested gin was an experiment in strong flavors, inspired by many of the health benefits that come from ginger root and turmeric.


    Theory Gin 004 is another in our barrel rested gins. This gin is aged in a Chardonnay barrel and then blended with ginger root and turmeric to give it a golden hue.


    Aroma: The ginger and turmeric are noticeable right away with an earthy spice to the nose.

    Flavor: Balanced and bold, this gin hits you with the spice of the ginger and the hint of turmeric that blends well with the other botanicals without getting lost. 

    Finish: Alone this gin finishes strong with a bit of a kick from the ginger. Balanced well in a cocktail with some sweetness, this one is a standout.

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