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American Single Malt Whiskey

American Single Malt Whiskey


Trestle is the first single malt from the Tahoe region and we didn't take this lightly when laying down our barrels.  Single Malt is a new expression in America with the traditional spirits having a long history in Europe.  Our Trestle American Single Malt is 100% organic barley and aged for 3 years in French oak barrels.


Born at altitude and aged in traditional manner, Trestle Single Malt is unpeated, yet smooth and smokey with a nod to the classics.  The aroma greets you with a rich vanilla bouquet and fresh cut wood.  The flavor profile is reminiscent of toffee and stonefruit on the palate, and a smooth balance of alcohol and sweetness lingering on the finish.  With good complexity, this whiskey is clean, smooth, and spicy, and finishes with a richness beyond its age.

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