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Sierra Double Barreled Bourbon

Sierra Double Barreled Bourbon


Proof: 92

Alc/Vol: 46%

Type/Class Designation: Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Purchase limit of 3 bottles per person, per day. 


    Bourbon is known the world over as the quintessential American spirit. Our Sierra Bourbon is a nod to the intrepid settlers that brought our country westward, embodying the spirit of the trailblazers before us. The intensity and bold nature of our forefathers is perfectly encapsulated in our double barreled Sierra Bourbon.


    Our Sierra Bourbon is a full bodied, intense, and bold expression. Bourbon is made from corn, rye, and barley,  aged in brand new American White Oak. We age our bourbon here in Truckee, California, at 5,982 feet of elevation. We then finish our bourbon by transferring it to a second new American Oak barrel, intensifying the oak and deepening the flavor 6-8 months prior to bottling.


    Aroma: The sweetness from the corn comes through with hints of honey, caramel, and vanilla. The oak backbone shines through to balance the sweetness. 

    Flavor: Sweet notes (cereal, corn, brown sugar), balanced by the rye spice (black peppercorn, coffee), and intense barrel character (tannin, vanilla, dark fruit/cherry, pecan).

    Finish: Smooth and finishes a bit on the dry side.

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